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Mekael Shane

Poet and Mountaineer

Welcome to the official Mekael Shane website!

 Mekael Shane was born destined to impact the world! Poet and Mountaineer, this renaissance man and retired soldier, has fervently pursued his destiny to help change the world through poetry, mountaineering and his community service efforts. The published author of six collections of poetry, this poet is constantly at work hewing his poetic skill and craft.  As a mountaineer, Mekael lives according  to the adventurer's rectitude,"Take nothing, but pictures. Leave nothing, but footprints." Having now set foot on all seven continents chasing mountains, snow and ice, he has come to know and value just how deeply spiritual climbing is, and why the Mountaineer's motto, "In order to rise above the summit, you must first rise above yourself," is such a profound adage that applies to every facet of  life. 

"I recognize that I am the living realization of my antecedent's hopes and dreams. Antecedents whom before Emancipation Proclamation, were slaves. Antecedents whom after Emancipation Proclamation, were unprotected sharecroppers. Ever mindful of this, I try to be a man of purpose, hopeful that my life would be a dais of inspiration to others. Prayerful that my ancestors are proud. Poetry and mountaineering blesses me with ethereal asomatous gifts, one I value most being, interacting with and learning from people from different cultures and nations. Those interactions help to further my personal evolution, and mine own humanity. What started out as a journey driven by the love I have for my mother who passed due to cancer, soon became a search for truth, inner peace, and understanding. I am very thankful for each mountain I climb, like great teachers, they help me to realize I'm still learning." - Mekael

A staunch anti-cancer advocate, this former National  LIVESTRONG  Army Leader, believes in volunteering with and supporting the global cancer fighting and survivor support communities.